28 de noviembre de 2010

Zombies in Retroland

Gracias a Frodo, un amigo milenarista, pude hincarle el diente infeccioso a este suculento vídeo de animación de espíritu retro creado por Hairburger, un ilustrador inglés que comparte dos de mis intereses más profundos: los zombis y los gatos.

¿Hay algo peor que un zombi lento o un zombi rapido? Pues sí. Uno retrolento o retrorrápido. Juzgad vosotros mismos...

No dejéis de echarle un vistazo a sus Oompa Loompa Zombies tampoco («Small orange bitey things, angry as can be»).

6 comentarios:

Stigma dijo...

Mu bueno ^^

Hairburger dijo...

Thank you dude :) you have a great blog yourelf here. I wish I could speak spanish, sorry for the english.

I will be following your blog. I'm glad you love cats also : )

Z0MBI dijo...

Don't worry for this, mate. Pleased to meet you here at the bunker, take a sit and rest as long as you want.


I live with four cats: I found a lovely young (one year as much) with three little gorgeus kittens inside a box on the street, here in Madrid, so I bring them a home, and so they did for me! LOL

See you!

PS: And seriously: keep working! You got talent. I like very much indeed your pictures and your texts!

Z0MBI dijo...

(a lovely young *mother*, I mean)

Hairburger dijo...

cool, I wish I had four cats : )
just the one at the moment, but more soon if I can look after them, just need a bigger place.

I like the design of this blog, very nice indeed.
: )


Z0MBI dijo...

Thanks for that, Hairburger! :D

And about the place: no matter how bigger it is, you always found cat hair on it!